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About Rootooba Limited

Rootooba is coined from the Swahili word ‘rotuba,’ meaning fertility. With fertility comes life and vibrancy which is what we envision for the agricultural sector. The “Root” in our name also refers to our dedication to tackling challenges from the roots, based on our in-depth understanding of the entire agricultural value chain. We are setting a fertile base for solutions to a rich and vibrant sector.

We aim to optimize on the much needed yet scarce resources for addressing food scarcity, nutrition and safety in the African continent.

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Introducing PanAfrican Agriculture website

We just launched a new websites for Pan African Magazine. Pan African Magazine is a quarterly magazine that aims to provide the latest information in the agricultural sector in a balanced and authoritative manner. Seeing the need to connect with the diverse socio demographic agricultural audience and markets in the continent, we plan to keep the momentum in providing up- to- date information while also taking into account diverse dissemination platforms that resonate with the diverse audience.